/9 February, 2023

Announcing Foster America’s National Leadership Circle

Foster America is inviting 15 community leaders and changemakers who are serving children, youth, and families to join us for an 8-month hybrid leadership fellowship.  Particularly designed by, for, and with leaders who have cultivated a unique knowledge base through first-hand experience of CPS or foster care and share a commitment to innovation in service of imagining a different future for children and families.

Foster America values the expertise of those closest to this work and aims to cultivate spaces of being seen, heard, and supported. We seek to create a village through this communal process and aid in the well-being and healing of those most impacted by socialized structures of oppression. It is our intention not to add more of a load to the fellows within this Leadership Circle, but instead to create more expansiveness by pulling resources, insights, and emergent strategies together for the advancement of the critical work already being done by these practitioners.

The National Leadership Circle is an 8-month hybrid fellowship experience grounded in Foster America’s Learning & Impact Leadership Model.  Our Learning & Impact Leadership Model is informed by those whose lives are most directly affected by structural racism and systemic oppression.  

We aim to create a cohort experience where changemakers are empowered to think about creating new solutions, connect to their community, and promote healing and belonging for those affected by injustice in the child welfare system.

If you are interested in becoming a National Leadership Circle fellow, please apply here.

National Leadership Circle Information Sessions:

Feb 10, 2023
8am PST/11am EST
Join Zoom Meeting
Meeting ID: 969 0453 6515
Passcode: 934822

Feb 16, 2023
5:30 pm PST/8:30 pm EST
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Meeting ID: 965 4987 9026
Passcode: 829140



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