Our Approach

Driving Innovation. Developing Changemakers. Disseminating Knowledge.

Foster America works with local governments, communities, families, and organizations to implement innovations that help children and their families thrive. Together, we’re amplifying bold ideas and equitable solutions to open new possibilities for child and family well-being.

Foster America centers equity and drives change using four strategies

1. Co-design

We center the perspectives of parents, young people, and community leaders to put their vision at the heart of new solutions.

3. Finance

We help identify funding opportunities for programs that proactively offer the types of support families need and want – an alternative to harmful and costly traditional child welfare approaches.

2. Collaborate

We coordinate with governmental partners, nonprofits, civic and corporate leaders, to break down barriers and align efforts to support families effectively.

4. Learn

We ensure qualitative and quantitative data informs decisions, fuels continuous improvement, and promotes accountability.

Why Child Welfare Transformation

Although intended to protect kids, the child welfare system itself can cause harm and trauma. Foster America recognizes a once-in-a-generation opportunity for systemic change in child welfare.

“Our country is poised to transform child welfare and reimagine a new way of supporting families.”
–Susan Notkin, Foster America Board Chair


Foster America is responding to a unique opportunity to accelerate change with the support of the boldest governmental partners and communities in the nation. We offer on-the-ground support to those who share our vision.

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Foster America launched with a focus on recruiting, developing, and deploying talented professionals – our fellows – with the skills and expertise needed for child welfare sector innovation. Today, we continue to identify and invest in promising leaders and help them learn and apply their experiences to transform the child welfare system.

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Innovation can only spread if we learn and work together. Foster America is dedicated to cultivating, sharing, and scaling knowledge. Together, we enable a continuous exchange of insights, successes, and even failures – all with the goal of defining the best ways to support children and families.

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