Our Impact

Advancing opportunities for children and families to thrive

Foster America is innovating to support families at the very moments that drive child welfare system involvement under our current system.

This is our vision for impact:

In the Community

Ensure families can access social support voluntarily in their communities, reducing stress and building protective factors.

At the Hotline

Offer voluntary community pathways that divert families from investigatory responses.

As an Alternative to Removal

Expand options, including access to services and financial assistance, that support families with intense or complex needs.

Instead of Traditional Foster Care

Keep children with friends and relatives, with rapid access to support for kin, children, and parents.

Achieving this vision demands the coordinated efforts of many. The projects undertaken by the alumni of our fellowship program and their governmental and community partners demonstrate that innovation in child welfare is possible.

Innovation in Action

Our experiences and the work of our fellows across the nation inform the four core Foster America strategies that drive our work — co-designing with communities, collaborating with partners, reprioritizing resources, and sharing what we learn.

Annual Reports and Financials

Foster America is committed to transparency, which includes providing our stakeholders with comprehensive insights into our financial performance and annual accomplishments.

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