About Us

Transforming systems for a just, equitable future.

Caring relationships are essential to well-being for children and for parents, but the primary system our nation created to protect children breaks connections. Our child welfare system relies on investigations and foster care placements, approaches that increase stress, cause isolation, and intensify racial disparities and economic barriers – with little evidence that most children’s lives are improved.

Child protection agencies investigate 3.5 million children every year; 600,000 enter foster care. The effects of investigation and family separation – experiences Black and Indigenous families are twice as likely to experience as their white peers – are traumatic, multigenerational, and can be prevented by providing what families truly need: financial resources and networks of support.

Mission & History

Our mission: Together with communities, Foster America transforms systems that serve children, youth, and families by innovating for a more just, equitable future.

Our Strategy

Foster America’s 2023-2026 strategic plan will accelerate and amplify our impact. Our new strategy integrates lessons gathered across six fellowship cohorts. It also represents our response to an unprecedented opportunity for systemic change in service of children, families, and communities and in pursuit of a more just, equitable world.

Our Partners

With like-minded governmental agencies, organizations, and communities, we design and implement community-based, prevention-oriented solutions.

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