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Jeanine Morales

Senior Advisor (Oregon)

Jeanine Morales is an Afro-Puerto Rican first-generation college graduate whose grassroots-organizing journey began with efforts to increase awareness of the civil rights of adopted and foster youth and their needs after aging out of care. This evolved into advocacy for marginalized community members, including those who had experienced homelessness, incarceration, or involvement with child welfare systems. She also championed reproductive justice legislation in Oregon, amplifying the voices of those most impacted. As a thought leader, Jeanine built grassroots collectives and coalitions that amplified marginalized voices. A graduate of Portland State University with a double bachelor’s degree in Sociology and Community Health, Jeanine fostered diversity within the birthing justice movement for Black and Indigenous birthworkers. Her work cultivated safe, diverse work cultures rooted in cultural humility and competence. Through strategic planning, leadership coaching, and community engagement, Jeanine empowered organizations and leaders to grow internally and externally, shaping a more inclusive future.

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