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Gabrielle Garcia

Co-design Specialist

Gabrielle Garcia’s profound commitment to amplifying the voices and lived realities of marginalized communities resonates through every facet of her work. Through this commitment, she hopes to transform societal structures into nurturing ecosystems grounded in holistic care practices, anti-imperialist principles, and the dismantling of systemic oppression. Leveraging her multidimensional experiences as an educator; diversity, equity, and inclusion strategist; and community advocate, Gabrielle has designed numerous initiatives that prioritize the well-being and agency of young people from underserved backgrounds. Complementing her professional trajectory, Gabrielle’s academic foundation encompasses a Bachelor of Arts from Hampshire College and a Master’s of Education from Harvard Graduate School of Education. Equipped with this comprehensive expertise, she strives to foster an America that embraces justice, empowerment, and inclusivity for all.

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